50 Years!

That’s right.  The Hong Kong Judo Kan was started 50 years ago this year.

There will be a grand celebration later this year.  If you’d like details, please email us at hkjudokan@gmail.com and let us know if you’d be interested in receiving news and updates about this celebration.

If you are still in contact with any old members, please let them know to get in contact with us as we’d love to see everyone again.

Revised Fees for 2016

Please be advised that the monthly fees in January will be HKD 1,000 per month.

Families with more than one member registered at the club will pay HK 900 per month.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kata Training Schedule

To all HKJK-judoka,

In 3 weeks you will have a chance to practice & learn how to bring your Kata to the next level. Japanese National Kata champion Tsukiyama-san of the Osaka Police and his Uki will conduct a special course at Hong Kong Judo-kan and Hong Kong Police dojo on 26-28 Sep.

Date Start Stop Venue
Fri/26/Sep 19:00 21:00 Practice, Police Club Dojo, Border Street
Sat/27/Sep 10:30 15:00 Kata Course, Police Club Dojo
16:15 17:00 Kata Demo, HK Judo Kan, Childrens Class
17:30 19:30 Practice, HK Judo Kan
21:00 late Dinner, HK Judo Kan
Sun/28/Sep 10:30 11:45 Kata Course, HK Judo Kan
15:30 17:30 Kata Course, HK Judo Kan
? ? Evening dinner (to be arranged)

Upcoming Events – September 2014

September 14th
44th Anniversary Hong Kong Judo Championships 2014, Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre

September 26, 27, 28
Kata training with Hiro Tsukiyama

October 5th
44th Annual SCAA Judo Championship

October 19th
44th Anniversary Hong Kong Judo Championships 2014, Shek Kip Mei Park Sports Centre

Annual Yudanshakai meeting – September 27th

We’ll be having our annual Yudanshakai meeting on September 27th, after practice.  Afterwards, we’ll have dinner at the 2nd dojo.

New blackbelt members are encouraged to join, and old members are encouraged to renew.  We will collect a small fee which we will use for club related activities for the members.

Please email hkjudokan@gmail.com or Andrew Heinrichs if you are planning on attending the dinner.  We’ll also post a signup sheet on the notice board.

A farewell dinner for Ken

Unfortunately, Ken will be leaving Hong Kong after being a solid contributor to the dojo for several years.

Please join us for his last practice on Saturday, the 29th of July. We’ve got to give him a proper send off that involves him getting a chance to fight all of us one last time.  Afterwards there will be a dinner.

Email hkjudokan@gmail.com with your name and number of people attending if you wish to join.

A Welcome Holiday

Mr and Mrs Iwami will be taking a holiday on Wednesday, December 25.

The dojo will be closed this day and there will be no adults class

See you on the 29th.

Dojo 2012 Holiday Schedule

The dojo will be closed to kids classes from Monday, December 24th until Thursday, January 3rd.

Kids classes will resume as normal on January 4th.

Adult classes will continue as normal

1 Year Celebration of Mr Iwami’s successful surgery!

Title: 1 Year Celebration of Mr Iwami’s successful surgery!
Location: dojo
Description: Come join us to celebrate with Mr Iwami’s 1 year celebration of being cancer free. Food and drink will be provided for a small fee of $100. See you there!
Start Time: 19:30
Date: 2012-06-30
End Time: 22:30