A farewell dinner for Ken

Unfortunately, Ken will be leaving Hong Kong after being a solid contributor to the dojo for several years.

Please join us for his last practice on Saturday, the 29th of July. We’ve got to give him a proper send off that involves him getting a chance to fight all of us one last time.  Afterwards there will be a dinner.

Email hkjudokan@gmail.com with your name and number of people attending if you wish to join.

A Distinguished Visitor

One of the most interesting things about our club is the frequency and quality of the  guest players that show up at our club throughout the year.

Last night we had the privilege of practicing with Rob Rhoda’s uncle, Peter Blewett, the chief instructor of the the Budokwai club in London.  Needless to say, it was an interesting practice.

Thank you Peter for your visit and we hope to see you again.

Peter Blewett and the British members of the Hong Kong Judo Kan

Peter Blewett and the British members of the Hong Kong Judo Kan

Peter Blewett posing with the club

Peter Blewett visits the Hong Kong Judo Kan

Hello from Kobayashi

I just got this message in the mail:

Hi friends,

Hope this mail finds you well.

Just to share with you that I will be at HKJK on 24th March to practice. This time I’ll help my family’s complete relocation to Tokyo (unfortunately!).

So will see you all soon!

Tatsuru Kobayashi

If you’d like a chance to see Mr Kobayashi one more time, come join us on the 24th.

Mr Iwami’s Birthday Celebration

We’ll be having a dinner after class on Februaary 25th to celebrate Mr Iwami’s birthday. We’ve only booked three tables, so get your name in now if you plan to attend.

Update: Please confirm your attendence by February 22nd so we can reserve a space for you. If you are unable to confirm and just show up, there may not be a place for you to sit as we have to book the tables in advance.

The dinner will be held at the Cheers restaurant, 5th floor Windsor House at 8 pm after class.

Judo in New York

[We have a report from Scott Smith who was fortunate enough to spend some time travelling for the last few months.  He sent us this email which I've posted under his name - Paul]

Attached are some pics from the club I have been practicing at these last 5 weeks or so in NY at the Oishi Judo Club – here is the website: http://www.oishi-judo.com/. Oishi Sensei (see attached pic) has run his club in NY since the 1960s.

The first half hour of each training session is spent on Ju No Kata with the remainder of the session on uchi-komi, ne waza and then randori.

Oishi Judo club in New York 1

Oishi Judo club in New York 2

Oishi Judo club in New York 3

Scott Smith with Shiro Oishi Sensei